International students and communication skills

At a coffee morning for international students hosted by Careers Network, some of our students and International Student Ambassadors mused on the barriers to communication that international students face and possible solution.   Communication skills are an important part of the life of an international student, it does not matter what you are studying, because … Continue reading

Leading Academics: Dr David Bozward

David Bozward Dr David Bozward opened the final ‘Leading Academics’ session by describing his career, in which he followed a passion for computers and radios that led him to work for the military, several large technology companies, and also to start his own businesses. He has additionally worked with organisations that help graduates to be … Continue reading

Of huskies, reindeer and the midnight sun.

It was the end of the first year of my Physics degree. Exams were over, the summer was fast approaching and despite completing what felt like hundreds of applications for placements and internships I found myself with nothing particularly exciting on the cards. I’d either had rejections or was simply still awaiting responses and so,  … Continue reading