What I gained from the Capgemini Community Challenge

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Taking part in the Capgemini Community Challenge in his first year was a rewarding experience for Frank.  As well as working on a worthwhile project fundraising for a national charity, he developed several vital skills and through this connection found work experience with Capgemini in his final year.  He talks about the value of gaining experience with a leading IT consulting firm and how it has shaped his future career.

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Don’t go with the flow: Changing your career path isn’t the same as quitting; It’s a new beginning

Sam blog 2From primary school Sam always wanted to be a doctor. So what prompted him to study Biochemistry instead of Medicine and did he make the right choice? Sam shares his story here. Continue reading

Choices, choices, applications

As if final year students don’t have enough on their plates with dissertations, research projects or, as in my case, final year laboratory projects, this is time at which students must decide what exactly theyPete intend to do with the rest of their lives. In the majority of cases this requires, in one form or another, combinations of applications and interviews. Continue reading