New look, same blog!

Some keen eyes out there might have spotted that we’re sporting a new look on the blog! We want to put the Student Voices blog on the map as the best place for students to hear about the real experiences you’ve had whilst at UoB. And we want to hear from YOU!

Have you done any work experience whilst at university? Any top tips from those tricky applications? Email Alex Boys (, with the subject ‘Student Voices Blog’ to write a post for us or to find out more. And hey, while we’re talking about careers, its good experience for your CV wink wink!

Top Stories this month:

University of Birmingham ranked 4th in UK for graduate prospects!

Five Steps to … Finding Work Experience

Team Green: My experience working for Green Impact

CM2_4072My experience at Careers Club

How to Overcome the Difficulties of Securing an Internship

My Summer Internship in Chilelab2

The Five Best Bits of being a SET Member for Careers Network

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