Lynx, Lancs and Life


In my first year and a bit as a Biological Sciences student I think I must have flirted with every possible future career under the sun. I’ve variously been interested in plant development, immunology, zoology, and changing tack completely to work in the charitable sector.

I doubt I’m unique in this. There’s a lot of pressure at university, and in general to figure out what it is you want to do with your life early on – it’s one of those unspoken cultural things, where everyone is impressed by (and jealous of) the folks with a clear idea of where they’re going and how they’re getting there. A more focused degree type can be a real blessing when it comes to mapping out your future. So I’d decide that I’d chosen my future field, put some fairly intense research and… realise maybe it wasn’t entirely my thing after all. Continue reading

Intern Selfie is back!

#‎InternSelfie16‬ Take a selfie on your internship, work experience or placement to be in with a chance to win £50, £20 or £10 of Love2Shop vouchers 

Inspire other students to undertake work experience by taking the perfect #InternSelfie16. Snap a selfie while you are on your work experience, volunteering, placement or internship that gives an insight into the work you have been doing and share it with Careers Network. Our team of judges will decide on the winner and all appropriate entries will be shared on our Facebook and Twitter accounts.

Please check with your employer that they are happy for you to take the selfie on duty and disclose the name of the company before you enter. You must be a student at the University of Birmingham to enter.

To enter:

1. Ask permission from your employer or work experience organiser
2. Take a selfie
3. Tweet @careersbham with your job role and organisation and #‎InternSelfie16 , post on our Facebook wall or email with the information (these will be tweeted from our main account@careersbham).

Deadline: Midnight 11th September 


Getting ready for my Great Ormond Street experience

I love science; I have to admit. Always have, and probably always will. So much so in fact that I plan on spending the rest of my life within the field of genetics. But that’s just it, it’s what I plan to do. How do I actually get a job where I can spend all day (and possibly all night) tinkering with cellular biochemistry to my heart’s content?

When it comes to getting any job, experience is key. The more you’ve been exposed to a work environment, the more employers will look at you and say “This guy [or gal] is committed to the role” without you even being employed! If experience says anything, it says you’re committed to not only developing the interests of the company, but more importantly, to developing your own.GOSH Sam

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