My Autumn Fair

Having spent over a year at the University of Birmingham and still not a hundred percent sure how to find my way to the Aston Webb was not the best start to the day. However an awful sense of direction is something I must work on. Entering the campus from Selly Oak is a whole new experience and I couldn’t help feeling slightly disorientated. After locating the Great Hall, which had two very swishy Aston Martins parked outside, I found the Careers Fair.

There was a buzzing atmosphere right from the word go. We had to sign in so a record of attendance could be taken throughout the day, and I was informed instantly that the numbers were sure to smash last year’s records. This could be due to the current competitive nature of the jobs market, with people realising they have to start taking action if they want a job after graduating. As I went in I was immediately drawn to the stand on the left hand side of me, Abercrombie and Fitch. This could have been because the employers representing the brand were of course, very good looking and they were giving away mysterious bags printed with topless male models, but obviously this was not the only reason, I was there because of my interest in PR and marketing.

The fair offered several other retail based stands such as Next, John Lewis and Marks and Spencer. In fact, the variety of different employers and companies present at the fair was remarkable. Ranging from accountancy to teaching, you were guaranteed to find something you were interested in. Big names such as Apple, Tesco and Aston Martin were all present at the fair (hence the shiny Aston Martins parked outside).I was astounded by the amount of freebies that were being handed out left right and centre. Sweets, notepads, bags, and of course, pens. I even received a packet of Basil seeds from Marks and Spencer. I am saving them until spring. I had a short conversation with a lady who was operating a CV checking service. I didn’t have my CV checked but she was very helpful and gave me some great CV tips. This service was an excellent aspect of the fair, allowing you to gain some fantastic tips on how to improve your CV, which of course is vital for your future employment. I feel as though I took a great deal away from the fair, not just free pens, but a view of many possible careers.  I felt quite motivated!

One thing that the employers I spoke to couldn’t stress enough is how important it is to have experience. If you want to get a decent job, you have to make an effort. Attending a Careers fair is a great place to start.

Hope, Second year English student


About careersbham

Student Engagement Officer for Careers Network University of Birmingham

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