Torneoz – online football tournaments

Areeb Khan at a football tournament

Areeb Khan at a football tournament was the world’s first online tournament portal. It was the new way to stay on top of football tournaments across the UK. Whether people are trying to promote, organise or participate in tournaments; Torneoz offered an excellent portal to help people along their way – Areeb talks about the support he received setting it up:

“The best part of this programme for me has been one to one meetings with my business advisor / mentor Suzanne Skeete The training and mentoring through BSEEN has helped me realise all the other things that need to be taken in to account other than the obvious costs.”

“I have learnt I have the ability and skills to make my idea a reality if I am a bit more proactive . Having got as far as I did in the process and doing as well as I did, the programme has boosted my confidence to try new ventures.”

Whilst on BSEEN I have invested £5000 and raised an additional £3000. I have helped over 50 tournament organisers through the site within the first 3 months and am in the process of working in partnership with Powerleague and Goals.

I would advise prospective participants of BSEEN: “You have nothing to lose and everything to gain, so don’t think about it and just go for it”

Main activities

  • Sponsored a local football team which reached the cup final at Villa Park
  • Launched live website
  • Currently have over 100 registered members and growing
  • Development of mobile app underway

The future

The business aim is to become a well-recognised national brand in the next couple of years.


About Marcus Belben

I work with people of all ages finding creative ways to connect with each other and the wider world - Community Heritage Arts Technology.

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