Global Challenge – The Moth, New York, the city that never sleeps…….

New York City; the city that never sleeps. No wonder it doesn’t, there just aren’t enough hours in the day to fit in the week I’ve had. Let’s start where we left off. Last week was my introduction to the inner world of the Moth and my first ever chance to go to a live StorySLAM. Since then, I’ve been trying to sink further into my media role and trying to think of new ways that I can apply my love for the shows to how we generate inspired media content online, not only for the website, but for the Moth’s social media outlets, especially Tumblr. At the SLAM last week I took a couple of photos which you can see here at

It seems appropriate for me to come to the city that never sleeps. Even in a different time zone I have retained a habitual trouble with sleeping. This makes relatively little sense considering I’m working full days and still finding the energy to explore the city. Basically, I should be exhausted. But there’s an energy here that just pushes on. New York is a whirring, bulging, groaning organism that moves to a rhythm different from anywhere I’ve ever been before. It absorbs you. Compels you. Charms you with a comforting mess of rickety fire-escapes and the beckoning glow of bare burning bulbs that lead into the darkness, framing the length of the Williamsburg Bridge and sharp-edged shapes of Manhattan.

It really deserves a whole blog or two to itself just to do it justice, but what I will say for now is that after exploring a tiny fraction of the approximately 7 million little bars and cafes and restaurants and boutique shops, I think it’s fair to say that (apart from a few minor…factors…) Polly and I feel quite at home in this place. We also had the chance to travel further into Brooklyn for our friend Kit’s birthday party last week. Kit is also interning at the Moth, and decided to hold a rooftop BBQ at his friend’s apartment; nothing like a cool roof and raspberry ‘cobbler’ (same as crumble reallly) with a skyline view to top off a weekend.
Williamsburg forms the epicentre for the the arts youth of Brooklyn.

So far, quite a lot of my free time has also consisted of apartment hunting. Apartments are elusive creatures indeed, and even when you think you’re onto a winner, some issue will undoubtedly spring up to destroy your (if slightly last minute) well made plans. Be it an unexpected cleaning fee or the fact that your fellow sublet roomie turns out to be a slightly more, shall we say, interesting character than anticipated, it is definitely fair to say that many surprises of many different kinds await you should you choose to venture to the realms of Craigslist and Airbnb. Fortunately, my new roomie is great. He works in films as a lighting guy and has written a load of his own independent short films too. Plus, within the space of a few short days, he has already lent me an umbrella, installed an air-con in my room, AND made me a salad – pretty much heaven sent! Not to mention the apartment’s really homely and bright. Just lovely.

If I had time, I’d like to blog about every day because absolutely no day is the same here. It’s brilliant!


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