Global Challenge – GBC Health, New York, Blog 2

Dear Blog,

I have been working with GBCHealth for 3 weeks now, so I am starting to get a good feel for how the organisation works on the ground. My project is constantly changing according to our clients’ needs, as conveyed in the conference calls we hold with them. This change of pace has enabled me to develop my project management and time management skills; exactly the kinds of things that all employers are looking for.

The team at GBCHealth are extremely eager for interns to gain significantly from the internships, and are constantly providing us with the support and means of developing ourselves. For instance, I have a fortnightly meeting with one of my supervisors in order to discuss how the work is going, any thing that I’d like to change as well as what I’d like to get out of the role. I have taken this opportunity to highlight my desire to write some issue briefs for the member companies, and to become involved with website editing. We also have ‘Intern Development Sessions’ where we discuss things like career development with a senior member of staff, to get an understanding of how their career path has led them to where they are today, as well as sessions about CVs, interviews and other skills. These sessions are invaluable, particularly as it can be difficult to develop when interviewers often fail to give constructive feedback about their recruitment processes.

All in all, things are going well. On a personal note, it was extremely enjoyable to spend Independence Day in New York City, and I also took advantage of the weekend to travel to Philadelphia and see a different part of the USA.

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