The Moth, Production Internship – Global Challenge: And so it begins….

Hello! My name is Polly and I am currently in New York working as a production intern at an organisation called the Moth. The Moth is a not for profit arts organisation that is dedicated to the art of storytelling.

My first few weeks in New York have been incredible but not without their challenges. Beginning my internship whilst battling jet-lag, finding a place to live and trying to navigate a subway system, which seems to be deliberately designed to confuse it’s newcomers has been at times quite overwhelming. But a few weeks have passed and I now feel quite at home. I have (finally!) found a beautiful sublet in Williamsburg – a fun, vibrant and incredibly artsy part of Brooklyn and have managed to successfully navigate my way to the office in the morning without getting lost! It is good to know that even though it at times has been a hard transition that I am able to do it and it will be a very useful experience to refer to in the future if I ever decide to move abroad to work.

The Moth…where do I even start? The Moth office is an incredible hub of creativity. The team is extremely welcoming and great fun to work with! On my third day it was the Moth’s birthday and I was invited to attend a staff party on a rooftop in Brooklyn. This was a great chance to network and get to meet everyone and I must say, toasting champagne whilst overlooking the sun setting over the Manhattan skyline was not a bad welcome to NYC!

As a production intern at the Moth, I deal with a lot of the post-production side of things. For example, one of my responsibilities is organising the legal releases after each show and making sure that the information for each performer and their story is up to date so that if needed, it can be developed into a podcast or used as part of their radio hour. I also assist with the preparation for each event and the get-in at the different venues.

One of my favourite parts of the internship (apart from getting to listen to Moth Stories all day!) is working at the Moth StorySLAMS. The Moths StorySLAMS are the Moth’s weekly storytelling events. A Moth StorySLAM works like this: There is a theme for each event and people who have a story to tell that relates to that theme put their name in a hat on the stage. Throughout the evening the host for the evening will call out the names of 10 storytellers and one by one they will take the stage and tell their story to the audience. Each story is then scored by three separate judging panels (picked from the audience at the beginning of each night). Prior to beginning the internship I was an avid fan of the Moth podcasts but there is nothing like seeing a live StorySLAM. Storytelling is simply one of the most powerful forms of performance. Just watching someone up on stage, with no script or notes, just a microphone telling their story is so inspiring and incredible to watch. You find yourself completely drawn into these stories, some funny, some sad and some plain odd but all true and compelling! As the production intern I attend all StorySLAMS and assist the producer in any way needed. This includes a wide range of tasks and can mean anything from being front of house to running the merchandise table and helping to set up the sound equipment! It is great getting the opportunity to explore and assist with every aspect of production and my communication and organisational skills are really being tested!

As well as settling in and working I have also been exploring this amazing city but I cannot even begin to fit everything into this blog so instead here are some highlights! –

Times Square, discovering twizzlers, dinner in Little Italy, the Moma, Chinatown, the Meatpacking District, a Brooklyn rooftop BBQ and an impromptu night out in Williamsburg.


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