Global Challenge – The Moth, Production Internship : The Stories Continues…

These past few weeks have been particularly exciting for me, as I got the chance to perform a story at one of the storySLAM events. When a theme came up that I had a story for, I couldn’t resist but to shakily put my name in the hat. I was positive my name wouldn’t be called but sure enough towards the end, the host called out my name and I nervously took to the stage. It was an incredible experience and one I will never forget! Being on stage, telling my story to a room full of strangers in a New York venue was exhilarating and not only helped me grow in confidence but also helped me to view the Moth through the eyes of the storyteller.

I have now worked at four StorySLAMS and they have been at three very different venues. It has been really invaluable learning how to very quickly adapt to new working environments and performance spaces. This will be incredibly useful for me in the future, as I am interested in one day developing my own theatre company, something that would involve performing in different venues with only a very limited time to set up in each one. Therefore, seeing how this is done within a professional arts organisation is invaluable experience for me.

Working at the StorySLAMS I am getting the opportunity to meet members of the Moth community, many of which are writers and performers in the literary and arts industry. It is incredible getting to talk to people within the industry I want to go into and understanding what they do and how they got there. It is also a great way to get to know about other arts events taking place in the city that I otherwise may never have come across.

Last week, Anna, Sunil and I attended the Birmingham alumni drinks at Bryant Park with our mentor Dave Drink. It was really great to get to meet Birmingham University alumni, learn about what they do for a living and share university stories and compare Selly Oak notes! (Apparently it has not changed!) We also got to chance to meet alumni from other UK universities and we are now really looking forward to the alumni university quiz. Having a mentor as part of the Global Challenge scheme is great! Dave is always on hand to offer advice about things to do and to make sure that we are settling into the city well and it has been a great comfort knowing that we always have a direct point of contact over here.

New York is so hot at the moment, at times unbearably so! It is honestly like walking to work in an oven. I am now beginning to understand why everyone gets out of the city for the summer weekends!

My City Highlights!:

The Mermaid parade at Coney Island, Alumni Drinks at Bryant Park, Central Park, Fifth Avenue, Williamsburg’s vintage shops, the farmers market in Park Slope, exploring the East Village, McSorley’s Old Ale House; one of the oldest bars in New York!


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One thought on “Global Challenge – The Moth, Production Internship : The Stories Continues…

  1. A very brave move! It’s great to see that you have also managed to think about what you gained as a result and how your confidence has grown and that you are using your networking to get advice from those already in the field. So pleased to hear how much support our alumni have been too.

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