Work Experience Bursary Schemes: Motionhouse

Motionhouse Interning Blog Part 1.

My Motionhouse Journey Begins
I embarked on my internship with Motionhouse at the close of May. It was a swift transition from the student life of getting up when you want, casually revising for those extremely important first year exams and spending as much time as possible with friends on The Vale. I suddenly had to have a full time job. It’s not that I have never had a job before, don’t get me wrong – I have definitely had plenty of jobs. Yet, this was a job that actually meant something to me, a job that I couldn’t pull sicky’s from, and well to be quite honest; a job that I actually wanted to do. So it began, my role as Motionhouse’s Marketing and Administration Assistant.
I was excited to be starting at Moho as I knew it would be a great learning experience and a fantastic opportunity. Moho is at the forefront of Dance in the UK and is an international touring company. I first came across them whilst studying dance at GCSE. Although I was excited to be starting at Moho at the same time I was a little begrudging that all my friends were still living the student life. These jealousies were soon put to rest from my very first day at Moho. I arrived at their office in Leamington Spa and was greeted by the Programme Manager Jo Valentine who immediately succeeded in surpassing my expectations of my first day by introducing me to all the Moho dancers. Now that was something that I did not expect! I was aware that Moho was a small dance company; but I was not aware that it was so close knit that I would be mingling with the professional dancers. Thus, having admired these dancers for years, the start of my first day was quite frankly a brilliant one!
Mezze, the Administrator was to be my mentor for my internship and one of the first things we did together was go out for coffee… so I knew we would get along just great! My first few days involved me finding my feet in the company and trying to understand exactly how Moho worked. As the company is indeed a small one it swiftly became apparent that everyone was incredible at their job, worked exceptionally hard and simply really enjoyed working for Moho. I did a variety of different tasks and jobs over my first couple of weeks. These included the likes of:
• completing the company’s activity schedule to be sent to the arts council
• creating the dancers weekly schedules
• attaining technical specifications and addresses of U.S theatres
• proof reading
• sorting and prioritising emails–and-
• updating the database
The hardest thing I found about doing these tasks was the fact they were all computer based –that wasn’t a surprise, and I am comfortable with computer work, but it was the sitting at a computer desk for hours at a time that definitely took some getting used to. The majority of the tasks were pretty enjoyable and gave me an understanding of what had been going on in the company and what was going to be happening in the future; and thus all aided me in my knowledge of the company – and was a massive help if I ever had to pick up the phone (god forbid!). The database task was something which I’m going to be honest about; it was far from my favourite. It was pretty straightforward and taught me the importance of having a database, and more profusely the significance of keeping one up-to-date; but, it’s fair to say that me and Moho’s database spent a lot of time together…. And in short I never want to see a database again!
Most of all my first two weeks at Moho consisted of me asking endless questions as I basically wanted to know everything – and with the help of the team and in particular mezze who never got tired of me probing her, I certainly learnt the answers to all my questions and a lot more. I felt that I had started to become part of the Moho family and with their next huge project The Voyage fast approaching, my journey with Moho was only just beginning…

Jessica Rogers
Drama and Theatre Arts & Classical Literature and Civilisation
Administration and Marketing Assistant
Motionhouse Dance Theatre


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