Global Challenge – Museum Victoria, Blog 2

A very rainy but busy day today in Melbourne! I met up with Emily Millward from Birmingham, who was the winner of the Universitas 21 award which is the International Museums and Collections award. She was based at the University of Melbourne for 4 weeks working with some of their 31 museum collections and this is her last weekend!

It was great to meet up with her as she showed me round and told me what life is like in Melbourne over coffee and cake. Afterwards we met up with another Emily! (Emily Wubben from Melbourne) on the University campus, who was also the winner of the Universitas 21 award and came to Birmingham to work with our collections!

We then went to The wonders of ancient Mesopotamia exhibition at Melbourne Museum. Free entry and audio guide for me as I work there! It was an amazing exhibition, especially as I didn’t know much about Mesopotamia to begin with.

It featured over 170 objects from the British Museum so it was like having a bit of home in Australia! The set up was fantastic and it had so many interactive elements which really brought to life the amazing world of palaces and ziggurats, gods and kings. I also learnt we had many things to thank them for as they invented writing and the sixty minute hour! We then headed back to campus for the launch party of the Cultural Treasures Festival weekend at the University.

On display was the Wilson Hall: centre and symbol of the University exhibition co-curated by Emily Wubben along with a publication she had co-written! It looked at the history and art of Wilson Hall at the University of Melbourne, which was burnt down in 1952, so it was fantastic to actually be shown around by the curator. There was then a talk introducing the weekend and what I found lovely was that at the beginning of any public talk, the speaker always thanks the elders and traditional Aboriginal owners of the land where they are meeting today.

I then went out for dinner with the two Emily’s, exchanging UK and Aussie stories and now feeling settled here in Melbourne.


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2 thoughts on “Global Challenge – Museum Victoria, Blog 2

  1. Hi Emily, I’m glad you are having a great time in Melbourne and really pleased that you were successful in getting the Global Challenge place. I lived in St Kilda for a while when I was travelling and loved Melbourne life.
    I’m putting together some info for new students about why they should get involved with the careers team at UoB and wanted to include a couple of quotes from people who have got involved with us. I just wondered whether there is anything that you would say to students about your experience of the help that you got that I could share?
    Hope the weather has improved and that you enjoy the rest of your time in Melbourne (I’m so envious!)
    Take care
    Clare Dawson – Careers Adviser CAL careers

    • Hi Clare,
      I would say that getting involved with the careers team at UoB really gives your application or CV an extra boost. My experience with them has been fantastic and they always give helpful and clear advice. I would definitely recommend going to them before a deadline.
      Best Wishes,

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