Global Challenge – Opportunity International Blog 4

My last week as work came so quickly and passed by just as fast. On Monday and Tuesday we went to revisit the clients and do our second stock check, because I was already familiar with the process it was a much more relaxed visit. The clients were lovely and friendly and we got to chat a bit more which was nice.

Back in the office it was time for me to process the data that we had collected and finish up my report and fact sheets. By this time I was feeling the pressure and was starting to get nervous about whether they would think that my finding had any relevance. My nerves were temporarily calmed when on Thursday I went to show Manfred (the CEO) my factsheets. He asked me some questions that I was able to answer and back up with extra data which made me realise that I had no need to worry; I knew the data inside out. He was impressed with my findings which made me very proud of myself however my nerves were to return when he said as I was leaving his office that I would be presenting my findings to all the people from head office along with some managers on Friday afternoon.

Even though I knew the work was good I couldn’t help but panic, I’m not a fan of doing presentations – when I was practising my presentation for the first stage of the global challenge interviews I was even nervous to practice in front of my friends – but I had a day to practice. When the time came I had printed off the sheets for all those attending and we all sat down in the boardroom to go over my work. It went brilliantly, by the end I was flying high on confidence and everyone in the boardroom were just as impressed as Manfred had been the day before.

We talked about what the findings meant and discussed how they could be used to offer clients a better product, I felt like my work would really make an impact. After we had a little farewell party with cake and coffee and they gave me a lovely present of traditional South African snacks. On Saturday Amanda gave me a lift to Durban so that I could start my trip down to Cape Town where I would eventually fly home from.

The internship with Opportunity Finance has been the most brilliant experience, I am so happy I got chosen to do it and working with them has confirmed my thoughts that I would like to work in economic development, it is such a challenging and exciting field which can impact greatly on people’s lives.


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