Global Challenge – Samsung SDS Blog 2

Hi Blog,

It’s the end of week 2 already… Where on earth has the time gone?! As there is always so much to do, you don’t even realise how fast time is going here!

This week has been even better than last week. It started off with a meal hosted by the Vice president of our department on Monday night, which ended with a late night visit to a karaoke bar! The Korean’s certainly know how to have a good time! It wasn’t like the nights out we have in England… especially because it ended at a karaoke bar!

On Tuesday night we went out for another meal, this time with our new mentor, in a part of Seoul called Il Sadong, which is famous for the amount of ‘foreigners’ that go there… they were predominantly Asian foreigners from China and Japan. We stood out a little bit, but you learn to love the attention and everyone is so friendly!

Wednesday got a lot more serious, we had to deliver our Project plan proposal to the Global Business Development Team that we are working with out here. This was nerve racking, but a great experience. I know feel that I’m on the right track and that I know what my duties are for the next few weeks. I also feel like 6 weeks is not enough!

The next few days passed by very quickly, I was kept busy with a huge work load and lots of coffee/ lunch/ dinner meetings. Everyone is very willing to help and the language barrier disappears.

We went to Lotte World on Saturday, a very famous theme park here in Seoul, it didn’t have many scary rides but laid on a great show! It also had an indoor park, which was great because it got very hot outside!

Any how blog, I have lots to do! So I shall report back next week!

Much love x


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