Global Challenge – Samsung SDS Blog 4 (LP)

Hi blog,

The weekend just gone was nowhere near as epic as last weekend. Nevertheless it’s always worth writing about. As always I’ve made many more new friends and been to a few new places.

On Friday night, we finished work around 8pm and decided that we wanted to go see some of the famous Gangnam night life. Gangnam is the Business district in Seoul and famous for its cool, rich crowd. I recommend that you look up ‘Psy – Gangnam style’, a song that I am addicted to at the moment and one that is about this area. We headed took the subway there even though it is only a 20 minute walk away from the office. The first thing we did was grab some food as I was rather hungry! I didn’t want to stay out too long as it had been a very busy week. Me and Andrius went to a Bar and had a couple of drinks. It was rather calm and not too wild, I questioned the stories I had heard about this area but didn’t mind too much as I was tired. We left Gangnam around 11pm and walked home. When I got back to the hotel I received a message from a colleague in the office saying him and his friends were having a few drinks in a restaurant nearby and to join them. Andrius and I decided we would pop in and say hello.

This turned into us returning to Gangnam with a group of new Korean friends and watching the Olympic football match in a club at 3am between South Korea and Japan. This was WILD! The Korean’s definitely know how to party! We stayed out until 8am on Saturday morning and the group walked me back to my hotel where I was just in time for breakfast. Needless to say that nothing got done on Saturday and I spent the entire day in bed.

On Sunday I met up with a few of the friends that I made on Friday night and went to a brunch cafe. The Koreans love their coffee shops and drink it constantly throughout the day. As I am trying to live as the Koreans do, I am also living like this. In the evening I spent a little bit of time doing some work and Skyping my friends and family.

As always I’ll write a little bit of information on the events of the week. We experienced eating in the canteen at work this week, it’s not the best place I’ve eaten, but it great to see people from other departments at Samsung SDS and we always go for coffee at a nice cafe afterwards. The contents of my project are getting more complicated and I feel as though I am running out of time. It is a similar feeling to doing a dissertation which on hindsight I say I thoroughly enjoyed. I’ll just have to make sure I work a lot harder next week! I have a presentation on Monday that I need to do lots of preparation for tomorrow, I will let you know next week how that goes!!

Not a very long or interesting blog entry this week, but I’m a busy girl! Got to go blog, speak again soon.


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