Global Challenge – Samsung SDS Blog 5 (LP)

Hi Blog,

WOW, yet another amazing week in South Korea but not without a little heart break. Before I go on about all the fun adventures I’ve had this week I have to tell you about how I threw a complete hissy fit! I’ve become attached to the people around me and I am sure they have to me. However, working in the Global Business Division requires them to travel abroad frequently. This week my mentor, who I famously refer to as ‘Dad’ in the office (private joke) left for a business trip to Russia! I was devastated! He did try to get out of it, but unfortunately Global Business comes before Global Interns and he had to leave! I know we’ll stay in touch though, so I’ll stop moaning now!

Okay, what else? This was our penultimate week and I cannot believe how fast the time is going! This week we had our Interim presentation, I was SO nervous! There was a very good term out… which made me even more nervous, but like the last presentation I pulled through. The direction of my project is constantly changing, so I’m constantly confused about which direction I’m heading in. At the moment I’m focusing on Universities and letting the Museum idea slip to the side. I’m also looking at contact details for ministries. A little last minute but needs must.

As always I’ve been out for many meals this week. I’ve made good friends with some of the girls in HR and they love going out for Italian food (my favourite!). We went to an amazing restaurant in Gangnam, which is now my favourite place on the planet. If you’re reading this blog and you haven’t heard the song ‘
Psy – Gangnam style’ I recommend you go and do it right now! It’s about the area that I am staying in and is possibly the catchiest song out right now!

Anyway blog, as always I have so much to be getting on with, I shall catch you next week.

Sweet dreams.


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