Speculative applications: A time-proven way of getting your perfect job

How a speculative approach and keeping up to date with sector news can help you land your dream job…

“Back in the mid-eighties I was quite happy working in IT at Cummins Diesel Engine Company but the job was getting a little bit monotonous.  I looked around for other jobs but there wasn’t anything that caught my eye.  There was an article in the local newspaper about how Jaguar was doing well with orders for their cars and that corresponded with an article in one of the weekly IT magazines that said the Jaguar IT department was going to expand to bring in new technologies and systems.  Being a lifelong car “nut” I thought that it would be a great opportunity to combine a love for cars with working in the industry, but there were no jobs being advertised at that time.  I decided that I would spruce up my CV and send it off to Jaguar’s HR department with a covering letter explaining my interest, where I’d seen the company plans and what sort of role I’d be interested in.

Nothing happened for a little while but then I got a letter to ask if I’d be interested in going along to see someone in IT who might have an job for me, they included details of the role and I phoned and arranged an interview.  Subsequently I got the job and then spent 24 years at Jaguar, now Jaguar Land Rover, saw takeovers, strikes, re-organisations and the usual cyclical ups and downs of any automotive business along with the changes in IT that have revolutionised how we do business in the modern world.  Having recently taken early retirement from JLR I still have a great affection for the company and the many friends and colleagues I have met on my journey and keep in touch with how the brands are doing in the global markets.”


About careersbham

Student Engagement Officer for Careers Network University of Birmingham

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