Global Challenge – The Moth Production Internship, New York: Blog 2

We’re having the most amazing amount of rain in NYC today – it reminds me of home!

It’s been another extremely busy and exciting fortnight. I feel I’ve learned and developed in the role a lot since my last blog. Responsibilities and the opportunity for personal projects are becoming clearer. My role has expanded to cover the following:


1.     Event production:

Data processing from events; ticketing; selling merchandise; customer relations. Next week, I will be shadowing the production process from beginning to end for a SLAM event.

2.     Day to day office admin:

Listening to and processing story pitches; answering emails from customers; producing records of SLAM event wrap ups; keeping various forms of social media up to date with new events and event theme changes (facebook and website); processing audio files of stories.

3.     MothShop:

Shadowing MothShop facilitators; story coaching; independent research into after school programs on offer in NYC to provide a model for after school storytelling programs.

I’m particularly excited about this final project which is my own personal one. I’ve been asked to do some research into after school programs on offer in the NYC area, in particular looking for models that the Moth could study in order to build one for our MothShop programs or ones that we could potentially forge links with.

I feel I am developing my skills in the following areas:


Customer relations

Independent research

Understanding of marketing and production process


I’ve also been exploring the city as much as possible on my days off. This has included getting horrendously sunburned at Far Rockaway beach, going to the Museum of the Native American Indian, trying lots of exciting new food including crab, clam chowder and key lime pie, and yesterday going to the Pride parade, which was so much fun! I can’t believe I’m halfway through my internship already – it seems like only yesterday when I started. The company has made me so welcome from the word go that the time has flown by. There’s so much I want to see and do before I go. I really have to make the absolute most of the next month!


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One thought on “Global Challenge – The Moth Production Internship, New York: Blog 2

  1. This is great for showing students, and for reflecting yourself, on what you’ve actually been doing and learning as well as enjoying NY life and culture. Sorry about the rain!

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