Global Challenge – The Moth Media Internship, New York: Blog 1

New York really is the city of dreams. Smoke actually comes from the ground (like in the movies), the people are so friendly (yet run and don’t walk) and the food and shopping are both out of this world. After two weeks I have completely settled in, mainly due to the lovely people at The Moth.

The Moth is a not-for-profit organisation specialising in the art of storytelling. Although the company is relatively small, it has a large impact to its thousands of followers across the USA.

I have a range of tasks and responsibilities constantly keeping me busy. I seek the guidance of other employees and interns whenever I need to, who have happily shown me the ropes. Daily duties include: dealing with a range of internal and external media related requests; updating the media archive; screening pitches for upcoming events; monitoring and updating The Moth’s social media channels and several other projects that I’ve just recently started on.

However, my favourite days are those when The Moth hosts events. These include weekly workshops known as ‘MothSHOP’, where we attend charities such as SAGE and 11/99 to entertain people with storytelling. They are extremely touching, as well as often comical, hearing from a diverse range of people about their lives and experiences. Weekly, extremely popular, StorySLAMs are open to the public and situated in different venues across the city. StorySLAMs are buzzy and have a great atmosphere which leads to people desperate to come into the event and queues…

Queue for the StorySLAM

Queue for the StorySLAM

Inside StorySLAM

Inside StorySLAM

Outside of work there is so much to do. On my first weekend I hired a little bike and cycled around Manhattan. On my first Friday the whole office went for lunch in Brooklyn, followed by Key Lime Pie in the park.

The other Interns (Tamar and Julia) and I also went to the famous Dominque Ansels Bakery for ‘cronuts’, a new craze in New York, and waited in line for over an hour at 8am to get in on the daily quota of 200 of the croissant-doughnut invention.



As well as seeing yoga in Times Square on the Summer Solstice.

Yoga in Times Square

Yoga in Times Square

I can definitely say that my trip so far has been amazing, crazy and beautiful!

The view from my apartment

The view from my apartment

Summary of my other favourite touristy bits over past two weeks…

–          The arts and crafts fair in Williamsburg, Brooklyn

–          Shopping on Lexington Avenue (Window Shopping)

–          Chelsea Market and the Highline – Beautiful Views

–          Walking for hours around Central Park

–          The National History Museum

–          The Pride Parade


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