Hanoi to Birmingham – an international experience

int-mai-lee219x329I graduated from Hanoi Foreign Trade University with a Bachelor Degree of International Business Management. Although my major was actually business, I’m really interested in financial area so at the beginning of the last year at university, I started looking for recruitment information of banks and some financial institutions. My aspiration was becoming a financial analyst and consultant, thus at that time I thought I could learn more as working in an audit firm.

I knew that there are 4 big assurance companies worldwide that have their own office in Vietnam. Through the companies’ websites, their recruitment program in my university and several forums, I figured out their requirements and styles, and then decided to apply for Ernst & Young. One of the reason was E&Y did not require deep knowledge about auditing and accounting. Moreover, I felt that their recruitment process enabled me to bring into play my strength rather than weakness. To prepare for the test, I emailed my lecturer, who has worked for E&Y in several years, and received much useful help from her.

However it was the interview that I was scared of most, because I was not completely confident, and it might be rather easy for me to lose my composure. The interview lasted quite long and the interviewer, after looking through my profile, asked about my general understandings and assessment about the financial market. In fact it made me feel much better after the interview, and I think I probably could not have succeeded if it was not him.

Before officially working as auditors, we have been trained for several weeks, which provided us with a solid foundation about the firm’s procedure and detailed stages for auditing each section. Although I have only worked with E&Y for a short time, I gained a lot of things from this challenging job:  how to deal with large statistic data, analyze financial statements, communicate and persuade clients, and especially managing your time and your workload.

Another interesting thing is that for each client you will work with a different team, so this job also requires a high awareness of team-work spirit and quick adaption, otherwise you cannot finish your work as a whole team. Like many other jobs, I think it is crucial that we love what we are doing. It might be a little bit strange that many auditors “love” (what we call) “issues”. Actually, one of the characteristics that our seniors always remind us is, “Keep your mind skeptical!”. It is rather interesting isn’t it.

Mai Le, Vietnam, MA

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Student Engagement Officer for Careers Network University of Birmingham

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