Global Challenge – The Moth Media Internship, New York: Blog 2

I can’t believe I’m nearly half way through my internship! Work has been busy and I’ve been a part of some amazing bigger events, the GrandSLAM (which consisted of the winners of the 10 past StorySLAMS competing with around 500 people attending!!), as well as the Moth MainStage, a more formal gathering that was sponsored by POV!

The tasks I initially struggled with I’m now very comfortable with and I’ve learnt a whole new range of skills. I’m now confident with the databases and archives the Moth uses, such as Salesforce, The Box and Evoca along with WordPress when updating the Moth’s website. Being given such responsibility is extremely exciting and my multitasking and prioritising skills have definitely improved.

A few of my day to day jobs include:

          Transcribing audio

          Creating synopses

          Formatting media

          Screening pitches

          Event production – filing releases, preparing for events

          Checking ticket orders and membership

          Finding sources for the Moth’s Tumblr and Social Media

          Updating the YouTube and podcast releases on the databases

Additionally, there are many on going projects at The Moth which I have been lucky enough to be a part of. On Mondays, an office meeting normally takes place that consists of updates and brainstorming. General information is given out and discussions take place, where I’ve had the chance to put forward several ideas around the subjects of the launch of the Moth book and app as well as a US wide SLAM.

Blog 2 Photo 1

I’m still exploring the city and I was extremely lucky as my mum came and visited me! We saw Annie as well as going to a few of the museums, with MoMa and the MET being my two favourites. We went on little canoes in Central Park, ate a lot and shopped too much.

  Blog 2 Photo 2

Time is flying by and I hope it slows down a little!!

 Blog 3 Photo 3


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