Global Challenge – The Moth Media Internship, New York: Blog 3

This week Brandon and I had a meeting to discuss my final project. He asked me to do research and to find something that I would enjoy, that would benefit me and that The Moth could use in the future. I went away and started researching and used my accumulated knowledge of what The Moth was missing.

When I finally had a few ideas we met again and, after a little brainstorming, we decided that my project would be to create a timeline of the Moth’s history, creating logos, using pictures, gathering data and using a range of other skills. The timeline would be for external use, either in hard copy or for social media and, if time, for internal use – which could be expanded on and include when clients and sponsors came on board, targets and funds etc.

I was asked to create a proposal, an outline to show to an executive (Catherine). When this was further discussed some significant points were given to me, with the mean point being sticking with the theme of the Moth and the brand.

So the last 2 weeks have consisted of me gathering data and getting my project together. Sadly the other interns have left now, so it’s just me for the next two weeks which means it will be extra busy! I’ve also been constantly doing my other day to day tasks and picked up a few others here and there when needed.

Outside of work I visited Boston on the weekend. I got the bus, which was a couple of hours, and visited a friend there! We spent the weekend in Cape Cod, which was beautiful and such a nice break from the city. I also went to Long Beach, which was a train ride away from New York!!

Blog 3 picture 1 

I visited central park zoo!

Blog 3 Picture 2

And we all got pre-release copies of The Moth’s book, which is out in September!

Blog 3 Picture 3


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