Global Challenge – The Moth Media internship, New York: Blog 4

My last 3 weeks at The Moth were the most productive and educational.  I was sad that the other interns left, but work kept me so busy that the time flew by.

I took on other roles that I previously didn’t have, one of my favourites was handling the main external email account. I dealt with customer complaints and learnt so much about all aspects of the organisation in doing so.

My project really took off as I started to create my timeline. I gathered all the information I needed such as moth awards, when the company entered new cities – which turned out to be really difficult as the database The Moth uses is quite confusing. After using a range of sources, including Google and The Moth’s Facebook page, I found all the dates I wanted to include.

I browsed The Moth’s picture archives and logos, using PowerPoint and Photoshop to bring the timeline together. After sending it to Brandon and making the changes he suggest I finished the timeline!

I spent the last weekends doing all the touristy activities, I walked the Brooklyn Bridge, went to the 9/11 memorial site, the Rockefeller centre and got a few presents for friends and family!

Blog 4 Photo 1

It was really emotional to leave! They sent me off with a huge batch of GeorgeTown Cupcakes and a really cute card. I had the most amazing two months – thank you Global Challenge and The Moth!!

Blog 4 Photo 2


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