Global Challenge – GSK HR internship, Casablanca, Morocco: Blog 4

It’s the final countdown…

After a little over five weeks in Casablanca and with the end of my Global Challenge internship fast-approaching I came to realize that eight weeks is not enough time, both in terms of work experience as well as cultural experience. Don’t get me wrong, I have been experiencing a lot of Morocco until now and learned many new things during my internship. A few more weeks would have been nice, but I feel that like this I will leave on a high note.

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On Wednesday of the sixth week I finally got to launch the internal communications survey, which I have been reviewing extensively with managers and a member of the field force to check whether all the questions were appropriate and understandable. I received valuable feedback and made some final changes to the questionnaire and was then able to send out the link all the employees of GSK Morocco.

One thing I forgot to mention in my previous blog is that the survey will be conducted online, making use of a GSK platform, which enables staff to create questionnaires and send them out to the prospective respondents. Due to my previous experience in working with online platforms to create surveys it was straight-forward to use and I could transfer the questionnaire within a couple of hours. Officially, respondents were given 7 full days to answer the questionnaire, however, I had a minor during the weekend so it turned out to be a little over 10 days.

I spent the Sunday afternoon with my flat mates at the beach in Casablanca. It was a very cloudy day, so I decided not to put sunscreen on at first. The sun hardly came out and when it did it did not feel strong at all. After roughly two hours in the sun I felt my skin hurting a little bit so I went to apply sunscreen but by then it was too late. When we got back to the flat my stomach/chest area as well as my lower legs and feet were completely red.

I am used to having sunburns, but I have never had one that bad. I took Monday off work because I was very much in pain and could hardly move, however despite applying crème I bought at the pharmacy it did not seem to get any better – on the contrary it got worse. Both my feet and lower legs got very swollen, so I went to see a doctor on Tuesday. She prescribed antibiotics and some other crème to apply and wrote me a medical certificate saying I should not work until next Monday. I had a lot of pain walking, could not stay on spot and had to lie down and stretch my legs out all the time. As my legs got even more swollen on Wednesday I went to see the doctor again and as I walked in she grabbed me, sat me down and gave me an injection. I had an allergic reaction – to what I do not know, but it was very bad. Furthermore she told me that I had first-degree burns on my feet and lower legs. Wednesday and Thursday were the worst and I was very happy to have had my flat mates who helped me in every way possible as I was in great pain when walking or standing. By Sunday the condition got better and I could finally walk, sit and stand again.


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