Global Challenge – GSK HR internship, Casablanca, Morocco: Blog 5

Week eight – and therefore the last week of my Global Challenge internship – has been full of work and also very planned out in terms of social life. Due to the fact that I have not been at the office for an entire week and seen that it was exactly the week during which I should have been analyzing the findings of the survey and preparing the focus group, I have been charged up.

Another factor was that Tuesday was a public holiday, so on Monday I only had four days left until the end of my internship. My supervisor was on holiday for the entire week so I had to fully work on my own directive, which was an interesting and challenging experience. Upon arrival at the office on Monday morning I closed the survey and was pleasantly surprised when I saw that out of the around 160 employees to whom I sent the questionnaire out to, 123 had replied.

The online platform also offers the possibility to extract reports in an excel format. I extracted one overview report that contained bar charts and one that contained the individual answers in order to have all the feedback at hand. I then proceeded by firstly analyzing the qualitative feedback, which implied looking at all the answers to open-ended questions and summarizing the common points raised in the feedback. Given that the questionnaire was comprised of 42 questions and the large number of respondents, it took me more than one day to analyze the qualitative feedback only.

After finishing this analysis I had just enough time left to prepare the survey report. In order to be able to provide a decent report I not only relied on what I learned this year at university, but I also did research on report writing in week eight. The report was then comprised of an introduction, an executive summary, a methodology section, a findings section split up in several sub-items allowing for a more detailed analysis and a recommendations section.

Unfortunately I had not enough time left to conduct a focus group, but luckily the respondents provided me with sometimes very detailed feedback that allowed me to a good insight into their perception of internal communication at GSK Morocco and also to make recommendations for improvement.

Skills I feel I am developing as a result of those last weeks are:

  • IT Skills
  • Writing for publication (internal audience)

Furthermore I think I have really gained good knowledge concerning internal communication.

The Global Challenge internship has been the best experience I could possibly have imagined for my summer. It enabled me to discover an entire country whilst gaining important, challenging and very valuable work experience. I can only recommend it to anyone interested in discovering something new and pushing oneself out of one’s comfort zone: a cultural work experience at its best.


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