Global Challenge 2014 – GSK HR internship, Morocco: Blog 1

After a slightly delayed flight, I finally land in Casablanca, Morocco. I was told that Morocco is not a very punctual country. I experienced this within the first 10 minutes of being in the country; our luggage collection was 45 minutes late! I was also quite shocked to see cats randomly strolling around in the airport, but I guess that’s Morocco. My first impression was slightly terrifying to say the least. It was the first time I felt unsafe sitting in a taxi, not because I was in a different country with a different culture, but rather because of his dangerous driving. On the way to the hotel I saw a lot of poverty and a large disregard for the environment.

The following day I decided to go around the town and engage in some sight seeing before commencing work on the Monday. Whilst sight-seeing I saw the famous Mohamed V Mosque. I decided to visit the Moroccan Mall (the biggest mall in Africa), as I had heard great things, which indeed seemed to be very true.

On Monday morning, me and two other interns met Mohammed (supervisor) at the hotel lobby. We walked to GSK, which was around a 15/20 minute walk. Upon reaching GSK we were issued with visitor cards, as this was the only access into the building. The building is small yet simple; there are three floors, the first of which is not occupied by GSK employees. I was given a tour of the building and introduced to most of the employees.

I spoke with the HR director and my HR supervisor. Both seem to be very lovely and helpful. As soon as I reached GSK I was instantly engaged with some type of work. My supervisor and I were in a conference call with HR managers from all over the country (Pakistan, Algeria, Egypt and many more) regarding a new HR system that is to be introduced and to go live on the 7th July 2014. I have been informed that I will be working a lot on this project alongside my supervisor; the project is called Gemini.

I have been placed on a comfortable and spacious desk to conduct my daily work on. Lunch is also provided here at GSK. Everyone seems to be shocked upon hearing that I am a complete vegetarian. I’m not surprised to know that there are not many vegetarians here and thus not many vegetarian options. However, GSK have adequately catered for my needs and have been informed. For lunch today I was provided with pasta without the chicken and a portion of veg alongside, with fruit for dessert.

I’ve been informed I will have to undertake some e-learning modules as part of my training. On my first day I was required to write up a short article regarding a “Kids at work day” which took place in GSK’s office. The short article was then published in their monthly newsletter.

The first week seems to have gone by very rapidly. I have felt a very welcoming atmosphere with GlaxoSmithKline and I believe the upcoming weeks will be quite endearing.

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