Global Challenge 2014 – GSK HR internship, Morocco: Blog 2

So week 2 begins. I had a very relaxing weekend at Tahiti Beach Club, sunbathing whilst the waves were flowing. I’ve noticed that there doesn’t seem to be much of an option for vegetarians here and so have had some difficulty when it comes to food.

I explored the markets (bazaars) on many occasions during this week. It’s a fascinating and daunting experience at the same time. Walking through you get several different “business men” shouting at you, trying to persuade you to come and visit their shop, and once you are in there, it’s difficult to get out without having purchased anything. A tip for the future is to instantly halve their initial price, as they are well aware you are a tourist and so they increase their prices by 10. However, I managed to haggle and managed to purchase quite a variety of things such as traditional Moroccan Pashmina scarves.

In terms of my internship, so far I have been given work to just get me going. I was required to do a presentation. The presentation was around internships – how, why and when they are implemented. I was required to read a document in which a detailed explanation of the implementation of internships and graduate programme were provided. I was to extract the information from the internship section and to condense this to fit into an adequate presentation.

Furthermore, during the past week I have been required to attend many teleconference calls on behalf of my general HR manager. GSK are introducing a new system called “WorkDay” as part of their Gemini project. This allows efficient management of people in terms of hiring new staff, promoting existing staff, enquiring about salaries and various other activities. Whilst the HR team will still exist for other reasons, this system will be introduced globally to ensure that all GSK HR functions are conducted similarly. The first teleconference call that I conducted involved different countries (Pakistan, Algeria, Morocco, Egypt and so on) giving their feedback and updating others on how far they are in the process of implementing this system. Positive feedback was provided by many of the countries, with some technical issues from others. From our side it seemed as though everything was running smoothly. I have many more teleconference calls to attend in the upcoming week, as this system is due to go live on the 7th of July.

All in all it has been a good week. I would say the weeks seem to be going slower than expected, although I am missing England dearly, I am loving my internship here at GSK.


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