Global Challenge 2014 – GSK Marketing internship, Casablanca, Morocco: Blog 3

The work begins

The first weekend of my internship had arrived and we had decided to go to the beach! It was just what we needed after a hectic first week. I also contacted my family and friends via Face Time. It was great to talk to everyone and to share my experience so far. Every call also included a request to give a tour of my apartment. The subsequent comment made was always “so…when can I/we come?”

On Monday morning Simrita and I arrived at our desks that we now shared with Fatima and Hiba, two recent graduates from Morocco who had joined GSK. They had just returned from training in Turkey. During work I finished the eLearning modules and finally started the “Think Digital” project. Just to remind you the “Think Digital” project objective is to apply GSK’s global digital marketing strategy to Morocco.

On Tuesday my first task was to submit my action plan on how I intended to apply the strategy. It was a challenging task. I had had some practical experience in marketing by being elected Vice Campaigns manager of UNICEF, but no academic experience. Aziz had sent some helpful resources: Power Points on GSK’s global digital marketing strategy and how GSK Australia had adapted the strategy to Australia. The Australia example was particularly useful. It included: features of their new website, the pilot and main launch, how to integrate the website with the sales team, and subsequent engagement by the user.

Using these resources I completed my action plan and met with Aziz. In my plan I intended to conduct a situation assessment. This meant a review of last years marketing activities in Morocco and speaking to the medical department to understand the target market, HCPs (Health Care Professionals, for example doctors). Based on the results of the situation assessment I would form a strategy plan (what we should do) and an operational plan (how we should do it). The meeting was very helpful. Aziz really scrutinized my work, which I appreciated. He went through each line of my plan asking what, why and how on each proposal. It was a learning experience. Aziz explained that the main marketing channel in Morocco were sales representatives. Therefore Aziz suggested that, to review current marketing activities and to understand HCPs, it would be best to accompany a sales rep. I was immediately excited at the thought of getting out into the field and really understanding how it all works. I asked if it was appropriate to ask a few questions to the doctors on their digital behavior. Aziz agreed but said they would have to be prepared and concise. I was delighted to have been given this opportunity.

In the afternoon I spoke to Fatima about the work she is currently doing. It gave me an insight into the present challenges faced in Morocco. She offered great support regarding my questionnaire.

On Wednesday I started my research on the questionnaire. I spent the day going through all of the GSK digital marketing best practices. It gave me all the ideas I needed to form the basis of my questionnaire with information about questionnaires conducted in GSK offices around the world including Spain, Italy, Finland, Romania, France and Turkey.

On Thursday I continued working on my questionnaire. Aziz dropped in to see how things were going. He told me he will be in Turkey from Monday onwards and that he has organized for two sales reps from football to take me next week.

On Friday Aziz had set me another task, a communication task. At the moment the Morocco office was in the process of changing the incentive system of sales reps. The task was to find the most effective way of communicating this change to everyone who would be affected. After explaining the task Aziz introduced me to Mounia. She would be coordinating the visit with the sales reps next week and would be available for any questions while Aziz was away.

This week I felt I had improved my marketing understanding. I had written my first marketing plan, received invaluable feedback by Aziz and conducted market research by analyzing the best practices. Now I was really looking forward to next week when I would be accompanying the sales reps and conducting my questionnaire on doctor’s digital behavior.


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