Global Challenge 2014: GSK HR internship, Morocco – Blog 3

I’m now three weeks into my internship. Monday morning started with a lot of work. I was issued with a project in which I have to take the lead on, establishing a learning manual/catalogue, which will be used to offer current employees training development programmes. This is highly interesting for me as the sector of HR in which I would like to work in is “Learning and Development”. Thus it is interesting for me to read about the types of procedures and programmes implemented which assist in learning and development.

I’ve had to spend a lot of time doing reading around these training procedures in order to build up my knowledge for the manual. I also met up with the GSK training manager who is in charge of this area and discovered some interesting information from her. So far, my manual is looking good: I’ve managed to fill out all the basic training offered, such as energy and resilience programmes, management essentials, practical coaching in the workplace and much more. This project has equipped and increased my current business acumen of HR. Prior to this I was unaware of the types of training conducted within a business and was unaware how HR delivers these. By providing me with this opportunity GSK has increased my current HR training knowledge.

Further to this I have been involved in several teleconference calls. As my HR manager and my HR coordinator are both away on a business trip to Tunisia for a week, I have been assigned to participate in their teleconference calls. All the calls are related around “workday” which is a new HR system that GSK is introducing, to go live on the 7th of July. These last few teleconference meetings will help different countries to iron-out any last minute technicalities and to conduct one to one question/answer sessions regarding the system. This has been particularly interesting as I have managed to learn how HR manages their employees. The introduction of this system means that HR can focus more of their time on developing employees, so benefiting and enhancing GSK as a whole. Initially I was experienced a problem with the system which prevented me from taking part in the call, but I spoke with a lovely IT technician at GSK, who resolved the issue. Where there’s a will, there’s a way!

In terms of out of work activities, well this week was move in week. Yes that means we have finally, after all that effort, moved into our lovely new apartment. The move was smoother than I expected. I expected there to be a lot of disruption as there were two of us moving in, with 3 suitcases each! After finally settling into the new apartment, I am hoping to explore more of Casablanca in the coming week.


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