Global Challenge 2014: GSK HR internship, Morocco – Blog 4

Now that week 4 and 5 are over, I am more than half way through my internship. The past two weeks have been quite eventful and insightful in terms of my work here at GSK.

Firstly, I received some constructive feedback on the learning manual that I had created. My supervisor and myself sat down with the training manager and discussed the strengths and weaknesses of the manual. I am pleased to say that majority of the manual was approved. The training manager then informed us of some new training courses that GSK are looking to offer. I am now required to research these training courses and incorporate them within the manual in order to complete it. This will broaden my knowledge, as I will be able to obtain a deeper understanding of employee training and development implementation.

Additionally, I was required to complete some tasks set by my supervisor. One of these included formatting a spreadsheet of the interns’ intake of North Africa 2014. Whilst incorporating the spreadsheet I ensured that information such as: name, university, department, supervisor, duration etc. were all included. To further highlight the quantities of each aspect, I created three pie charts which displayed the different departments, the different durations and finally the different ways in which the internship was sourced. This is useful information for GSK as they can use the data to identify the most popular internships as well as the source of the internship that proves to be most useful. Completing this task enriched my Excel and formatting skills.

Furthermore, during the week I have been required to research on GSK’s “Performance Development Plan”. This gives the opportunity to have ordered, quality conversations with an employee’s manager about their performance and development throughout the year. The purpose of the review to the set direction and inspire the employees, to release their energy and enable them to work across boundaries. It enforces drive within performance and develops capability and talent. The plan reminds employees to live up to the GSK values. Around 5-6 focused performance objectives are set (both long term and short term goals, taking into consideration GSK’s 70/20/10 approach), these will then be assessed against the GSK values and the employee at the end of the year. Again this research has been greatly useful to me, as it has aided my knowledge and understanding of employee betterment within an organization. As this is the area I would like to specialise in, the information gathered from this research has proven to be insightful.


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