BUIP: Opening doors to a diverse network

On 23rd June 2014, I started a ten week internship with the college of Life and Environmental Sciences. I am currently studying International Accounting and Finance. It is an entirely different path to the norm of studying accounting. I saw this opening as a chance to learn how to be confident and be able to communicate with all sorts of people from different parts of the world. I believe that my career path doesn’t put me behind my desk but also puts me into groups of people in different areas and I must know how to work with them.

20140624_111009 (cropped)

The first day was terrific. I met almost everyone and they were extremely nice. They still are nice and I call them beautiful souls. My team had such lovely welcoming people and are always ready to help. Because the term was out the college was quite empty so it was quite quiet to work. I was given my responsibilities and objectives very early so it kept me busy from start. I have had the chance to meet other people from different colleges as well and they have been equally helpful. Some of my duties included investigating the Postgraduate Rep system within the college of Life and Environmental Sciences to scope out the full extent of the postgraduate student representative system and to find out some best practices.

I have had the opportunity to attend various university programmes held for staff, gone through trainings to improve upon my employability skills and sat through staff discussions to gain some insight of what goes on in the university.

Communication with staff, reps across the university, guild of students and students primarily under the LES has taught me the different ways to approach different people. I have five more weeks and I look forward to meet more people, learn more and be of great use to LES and the university as a whole.



About careersbham

Student Engagement Officer for Careers Network University of Birmingham

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