Global Challenge 2014: GSK HR internship, Morocco – Blog 5

Weeks 6 and 7

During these weeks a lot of attention was paid onto finishing off existing work/tasks. Firstly, I had another meeting with the training manager regarding the learning manual. The purpose of this meeting was to inform me of the new courses that are being put into place by GSK Morocco in order to further enhance employees. I was also provided with some further constructive feedback regarding the learning manual, which I can now use when including the new courses.

Additionally, GSK staff have been engaging in an online course termed “Global English”. The course may be reinstated for next year, however in order to decide this I was required to do a large amount of data analysis. This required me to research information on aspects such as how many employees engaged in the course, how many employees passed the course, how much time was spent on the courses etc. After analyzing the raw data I was required to input this data into a presentation format that can be used by my supervisor when advocating the use of Global English in his next meeting.

As it is now the last couple of weeks, I have used this opportunity to discuss further career opportunities. My supervisor and I sat down and went through the opportunities provided by GSK, such as the GSK leadership programme. This was extremely insightful and proved to be of great use as I was able to openly and comfortably ask questions such as “what do GSK employers look for?”, “what does the actual HR graduate scheme include?”. I managed to obtain highly relevant and useful information which will be of great assistance in the future when and if I choose to apply for the GSK graduate placement.


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