Computer programming passion makes business sense


Liz Felton is a great example of someone who has turned a passion for gaming into a potentially profit making games business. Liz is working on the design of a first person horror game for PC and game consoles. She has always had the desire to work with computer software design,but it wasn’t until she was finishing University that she spotted an opportunity that would offer the support and training on campus.

‘I can’t remember a time when I wasn’t into computers, having started gaming and programming at a young age. It became apparent to me at college, that I could turn my hobby into a business, so that is what Idid! Ihave always had the ambition to own a games studio and was waiting for the right time to start, which turned out to be just as I was graduating from the University.”

‘I first heard about support through the Careers Network website when I started looking for support in starting my own business. I dropped the team an email and within a day they got back to me saying that the business programme they were running was closing very shortly! I had the idea for the games studio already quite formed, so Idecided to enter and see where it took me. A lot of people have started games companies, but that didn’t put me off, as Iwant to create different games for the consumer and a company that is valued by its employees.

‘The financial training has been invaluable; from annual returns to financial forecasts. Ihave also learned the importance of networking. As a coder, it’s in my nature to hide away from the public. But Ihave learned so much about putting myself out there and marketing the business using a personal approach.When your business is all about a product, marketing is key.

‘Every day I encounter something that could hold back the production of the game or stop production entirely. At times it’s hard work, but I keep going.And at the end of the day, it’s very rewarding.

‘Without support, I don’t think I would have had the confidence or push to go forwards with my business at all – I would probably be stuck working for someone else! I now feel a lot more confident. I’ve certainly learned to be more patient. Things in business take a lot longer than you think.’


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