Birmingham University Internship Programme: Events and Communication Internship

By Jennifer Giles, 2nd year, English Language and Applied Linguistics

A summer internship was something I’d always wanted to do since starting University. I really wanted something to fill my time over the summer vacation that was actually going to benefit my career directly.

Before starting this internship I worked as an Alumni relations Assistant in the College of Arts and Law with my now Internship manager. My experience has been slightly different to the norm as I had already immersed myself in the working world and was familiar with my surroundings before I started. However that doesn’t mean to say I wasn’t scared on my first day! I had all the same questions running through my mind – Will I do things wrong? Will I forget someone’s name? What if I can’t find where to make a cup of tea in the morning?!

It all turned out okay and I did manage to find out where to make that all important cup of tea! – along with many other things. I have enhanced various employability skills such as communication, leadership and professionalism. Being in a working world environment makes you a more mature individual and I feel the internship has equipped me for taking that leap from full time student to full time employee.
A day in the life of a Birmingham University Internship Programme (BUIP) Intern:
I want to show you what a normal day is like for a BUIP Intern and what to expect from the job role!

08:45 – Take the nice walk from University station to the Arts Building – handy that Costa and the fruit and veg man are on the way!
09:00 – turn the computer on to find an inbox full of emails about exciting and interesting plans for the day.
09:00-12:00 – Plan events with different companies and organisations! From Cadbury World to tours in Oxford I will liaise and communicate with many people on a daily basis. Once I have communicated with the organisation I set aside time to put it into a word document for my manager in a set and organised manner.
12:00 -12:30 – eat lunch on the beautiful campus grass!
12:30-15:00 – Make a PostBox! Making the PostBoxes for the graduation ceremonies shows just how versatile a BUIP internship really is! I can be making PostBoxes one day and creating a brand new booklet for the College of Arts and Law the next.
15:30-16:00 – Meet with designers for a new publication the College of Arts and Law is creating. I have been leading this project for a few weeks now and we are coming to the final draft ready for print!
16:00-17:00 – check my email inbox for any last minute items. Make a to do list for tomorrow morning so that I can prioritise effectively.
17:00 – Hometime! And I’m ready to do it all again tomorrow!

photo 2photo 1

Some of the Postcards used at the University open days held recently.
I designed these with the help of my manager and they were used all throughout the open days! It was lovely seeing something you created come to life.


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