Birmingham Undergraduate Internship Programme: The end of my internship

My time as an intern in Careers Network has sadly come to an end. Now it is time to look back over my placement and reflect upon what I have gained, how I have changed and what I gave to Careers Network and its staff.

There were a few things that I did not anticipate happening during this internship, such as riding a bucking bronco at the Academic Services annual barbeque. I’m not sure if I managed to improve my employability through this specific activity but it did show me the fun side of working in higher education.

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I also came to realise that report writing is something I am capable of. Studying Philosophy I never deal with data, charts or graphs in my assignments, so I needed to gain data analysis skills elsewhere. This was a great opportunity to do so and my reports will really have an impact on the future of the Careers Network employability schemes. I also learned that report writing is a major part of almost every graduate role. Now that I have written three professional reports, I can tick this off the job description of any role I apply for in the future.

Another thing I did not anticipate was my change in career choice. I learned a lot about my career ambitions and the sector I want to enter into from speaking to my colleagues. I entered this internship as an aspiring human rights barrister in the private sector. I am leaving with more knowledge of how I can make a real change in the world within the third sector, working for a human rights charity or NGO.

Due to restructuring my CV to highlight my voluntary work and charity related experiences, I even gained an internship in Canada with a human rights focused NGO. This is surely going to be an amazing experience which may help me to gain a graduate role in a charity after graduation.


The BUIP training sessions were extremely helpful. They demonstrated to me how to create an enticing CV and what kind of things to put into a cover letter. They trained me to be more confident in interviews and how to manage difficult questions which an employer may ask. I also made some great friend due to the BUIP training sessions which was completely unexpected. I gained invaluable CV advice and now am able to articulate my employability and my suitability for a specific role successfully. I later had my CV checked by a CAL careers advisor and put my BUIP training into practice when tailoring my CV to the charity sector.

I would definitely recommend applying for a BUIP internship. Even if the internships available next year are not directly linked to your desired career, you will gain essential skills and possibly make some great friends.


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Student Engagement Officer for Careers Network University of Birmingham

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