Rescuing Turtles in Turkey

Kitty rescues turtles in Turkey

Kitty rescues turtles in Turkey

In Turkey, Kitty tracked and recorded data for female turtles. She did morning beach patrols where she looked for and recorded tracks. On a night shift, Kitty was able to measure and tag a female turtle. Kitty spent time with local hotel staff, to increase their understanding of the turtles and ensure they were caring for the nests on their beaches. Other duties involved cleaning and cooking at the camp.

‘Without a doubt the most enjoyable times of the internship was when I was able to save the lives of many hatchlings. Hatchlings can become trapped when trying to leave the nest or nests can suffer from natural predation, and by patrolling the beaches in the morning we are able to follow tracks to check nests and often save hatchlings that would otherwise dry out in the sun.’

Kitty Waller Second Year, BSc Environmental Sciences

Ecological Research Volunteer with EKAD Turkey

Kitty tracked and recorded data for female turtles

Kitty tracked and recorded data for female turtles

I was very pleased with how much of my own existing knowledge on conservation management I was able to recognise and relate to a real life situation, such as the importance of trying to build good relationships between two conflicting groups (in this case the tourist industry and those trying to conserve).

My analytical skills have improved through this placement with regards to environmental research. I am not only able to complete a number of different scientific data sheets, but I also understand the importance of making copies of raw data, as well as storing the data on a computing database. I feel my communication and teamwork abilities with people from different cultures and with different ethical beliefs from my own have also been improved.

I have not only learnt so much that can be applied to my studies in my final year of University, but I have developed key skills that I hope will help me in my future job opportunities or work experience placements. On top of all of this I have met many friends from all over the world.


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