Birmingham Undergraduate Internship Programme: Registry (Policy) Internship 

As a current undergraduate music student I decided before I applied for this internship that I wanted to experience a job that was not directly related to my field of study. I am currently looking for a graduate scheme within the financial sector and thus it seemed sensible for me to apply for a role which would facilitate the development of a wide variety of skills, such as spreadsheet management and an opportunity to practice adjusting my communication style. The Registry (Policy) Internship appealed to me because it made it clear that I would be given responsibility and that I would be expected to work both independently and as part of a team.

During my 30 day internship I am drafting guidance and creating templates for student handbooks across a variety of levels (programme, Department, School and College). Over the past 15 days I have been primarily focussing on undergraduate handbooks. This has entailed documenting a cross-section of handbooks and identifying any areas of crossover in them, arranging meetings with various stakeholders and reading through official guidelines (published by the Quality Assurance Agency) and implementing any relevant and necessary details into my guidance. The main challenge has been remembering the individual features of each handbook; at the beginning of my internship I was not expecting to receive as many as I have so the task has got considerably harder as it has progressed.

Every Wednesday I attend a training session with Careers Network. This is a useful opportunity to enhance more general employability skills, such as professional etiquette, and to receive CV and interview training. It is also interesting to meet other students who are working as interns and I have definitely picked up some useful tips, particularly when it comes to networking.

One of the most useful aspects of this internship is my weekly meeting with my project manager. Although I can address any queries with her at any time, this provides a scheduled opportunity to monitor my progress and to highlight what I may need to research or prepare before any meetings that are coming up. Since my first day we have kept a daily log. This is used for making notes and for recording any tasks which need to be completed. I have found that one of the most important aspects of this internship is keeping everything well documented; given the number of files I frequently access it is imperative that they are all clearly labelled and, despite being slightly tedious at times, it is definitely worth doing!

It is amazing to think that I am now over halfway through my six week internship. Over the next three weeks I will attend fewer meetings and spend far less time documenting handbooks. Instead, there will definitely be greater focus on producing undergraduate and postgraduate handbook templates and on finalising guidance. I have learnt a great deal already and I feel very comfortable working within the office environment. Time is flying by and I am looking forward to the next few weeks!

Edward Reid


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Student Engagement Officer for Careers Network University of Birmingham

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