Birmingham Undergraduate Internship Programme: Postgraduate Induction Process Internship

I applied for the Postgraduate Induction Project Internship in the college as the Life and Environmental Science as it was an opportunity to try something different from anything I had previously done and saw it as an exciting new challenge. I am studying Human Biology and I have a part-time job while I’ve been at university working at a market research studio both of which is very different from this internship so I felt that this internship would provide a great opportunity to learn new skills. I was particularly interested in the postgraduate induction process as I am considering continuing my study within LES and therefore had a personal interest in what occurs during the postgraduate induction process and how it can be approved.

The first day of the job was daunting as I was unsure what to expect and although I had made it through the interview process I was unsure that I was really suitable for the job. I met Jo, my line manager, who introduced me to Duncan a fellow intern who I would be working alongside for the duration of my internship. We began the day with a meeting where Jo explained what was expected of us during our time here and how things are run. We were then introduced to all the staff within the School of Psychology who were very welcoming and friendly.

Jo had started organising our meetings for us from our second day so we were straight in at the deep end. We met the team managers of all the schools within the college as well as administrative staff who we would be in contact with throughout our internship. One of our tasks for our internship is to reorganising the course handbooks for Psychology and GEES into a new structure based on the current Sportex style. I was involved in the editing of the postgraduate handbooks in between my meetings to gather information about the induction process. At first the meetings were quite daunting however after a couple of meetings I got into the swing of them and learnt that organisation and planning were key to a successful meeting.
Rebecca Venn

I have now met up with a variety of different people from within and outside of LES with a range of different roles and have gathered up most of the information I require. I have recently begun writing up my proposal for changes within the schools to improve the running of the induction process and me and Duncan are just finishing up Psychology’s handbooks and are making a start on GEES.

From my experience so far I have learnt that planning beforehand saves a lot of time and effort in the long run especially when it comes to organising and leading meetings. I have also had to be self-driven as we have been setting our own deadlines for completion. I now realise that although this role felt very daunting to begin with, that I am very capable of completing the tasks required to the high standard expected of us. I feel this experience has taught me that I have already acquired skills which can be applied to a working environment and that I should be more confident about my abilities.

Rebecca Venn


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