Play DNA

Sam Decombel

Sam Decombel

The concept behind the business is essentially ‘art meets science’, where we not only produce unique and attractive prints but also provide the scientific explanation of what the ‘information’ in them means to an individual or to a family; a different take on the idea that ‘every picture tells a story’.

Dr Sam Decombel’s view

BSEEN has really helped me get off the ground; without the structure and support offered I am certain I would not have progressed as far as I have. I managed to set up my own laboratory ready to begin the development of the product. Training in every aspect of starting up and running a business is offered and has been of the highest quality. The flexibility of the mentoring has been particularly beneficial for me as it has enabled me to receive help and guidance as issues arise, rather than fitting to an inflexible schedule. I have also learnt that starting a venture like this takes time and persistence, but if you keep taking those baby steps you will reach your goals. I have always been a naturally risk averse person and this venture is to some extent out of character for me, but the encouragement, guidance and support offered by the BSEEN team have given me the confidence to truly believe in the potential of my idea.

Main activities

  • Researched and contracted a local design agency to develop the Play DNA brand and website
  • Set up my own laboratory in Birmingham and sourced all the equipment needed at a significantly reduced cost
  • Travelled to a range of exhibitions and home shows in Birmingham and London to investigate routes to market
  • Secured additional mentoring support through Business Link to help with the development of a full marketing strategy and cost / revenue model
  • Attended numerous training workshops on every aspect of starting my own business

The future

Longer term we hope to extend our product range to include a wider selection of more affordable products targeted at a wider range of demographics with the aim of bringing genetics education to the wider public in an entertaining manner.


‘Sam has a very exciting product to be launched next year, which combines her passion for genetics with the ability to bring something new and interesting to the market that will amuse, entertain as well as educate people on what genetics means to families and relationships. The vision exists and Sam is determined to deliver!’

Richard Crooks, Oxford Innovation


About Marcus Belben

I work with people of all ages finding creative ways to connect with each other and the wider world - Community Heritage Arts Technology.

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