What’s on your career radar?

If you assume that you had your radar switched on and you are ready to listen and hear what is being shared, what would you notice?


My teacher once said to her class during a lesson, “I know I’ve said this a thousand times, but not everyone is ready to hear it, or in the best place to receive it and actually do it?”

It reminded me of many a frustration as a Careers Adviser when students say that ‘I’ve not heard of Careers Network before and what do you do?’, ‘Do you advertise vacancies?’, ‘Do you offer appointments?’  Sometimes we may wish to rant in reply that ‘Yes, we’ve been here all along, working tirelessly to promote what we do, so why doesn’t anyone pay attention!’ And breathe!

Yet, if someone is not ready to hear the message, see the poster, ask the question, if an individual’s attention and radar is not switched on to receive and filter all the information relevant to them in that moment, then no amount of promotion or emails will have an impact.

By having our radar switched on we are being more in the moment and mindful of what is being said or shared. We are tuning ourselves in to the messages that are most helpful to us, and filtering out what is not helpful right now. Having your radar better tuned to your own channels can give you a more powerful, enabling, and positive mind-space to reflect and consider what it is you actually need, and possess a readiness to take action.

So, if you assume that your radar is switched on right now and you are ready to listen and hear what is being shared, what would you notice?

Consider, then, for a moment:

Q: Why am I not listening? What am I not paying attention to? What am I assuming is the situation I’m in right now?

A: Fear, uncertainty, lack of knowledge, apathy, not just yet…, I’m not ready – because this would mean I’d have to face the fact that it all seems overwhelming and scary, intimidating, not worth it….

It is often this panic or denial script which plays on repeat in your head. So it’s no wonder that you end up closing down your radar temporarily and focusing on things that seem more manageable and in your reach.

So how do you switch on your radar? How do you become more attentive and in tune with understanding what’s important to you? It is less to do with having all the questions and answers right here, right now. Often, your questions and answers are closer than you think in the grasp of your sub-conscious, but if your radar is not switched on to receive those messages you will just never hear them.

  • Just get started! Choose one thing to action, such as make an appointment with a Careers Adviser and then turn up! Just by turning up and being ready to hear what is being said and noticing what that information and insight can give you, is the impetus you need to snowball yourself into action.
  • Engage, participate, take part, get involved! Make the most of the huge array of expertise and genuine encouragement that is on offer via Careers Network, as well as the staff within your School. Sometimes by speaking to an adviser, recruiter or lecturer at an event or drop-in, you may be hearing familiar messages and advice which can give you reassuring confirmation that you’re on the right track. Notice what is being said and what reaction this creates within you.
  • Take baby steps and focus on one thing at a time and not necessarily the whole picture – which may be confusing or overwhelming. Trust that the whole picture will come when you’re ready.

Start now and tune in your radar to the best frequency for you and see what messages you receive that will help you move forward in your career search.

Sarah Robinson, Careers Consultant


About careersbham

Student Engagement Officer for Careers Network University of Birmingham

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