Stop the Press: New record label creates loud noise on campus

The University of Birmingham is funding the launch of a student-run record label, directed and managed by Laura Hand and Anna Bleising, both final year Business Management students.  Their label, New Street Records, will provide a team of over 70 volunteers with entrepreneurial skills, as well as pursuing the long term objective of encouraging more successful business start-ups in the region.

In addition to providing students with valuable practical experience, the label will encourage innovation in Birmingham’s creative and music industries in order to help local and wider creative communities.  The label will serve as a career springboard for young musicians in Birmingham, as well as providing crucial professional experience in different sectors for the students running and developing the label.

The label is funded by the University of Birmingham Circiles of Influence campaign, an initiative supported by the University’s alumni.  Careers Network will be supporting the team of over 70 student volunteers giving them the skills and confidence to take the project forward.  New Street Records issued a press release this week (17th February 2015) and have also been featured in the Birmingham Mail praising the University of Birmingham and Careers Network for their support.

If you would like to receive start-up advice or project support, please contact Careers Network by emailing


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