The Five Best Bits of being a SET Member for Careers Network

The best bit about being a SET member is obviously the bright blue hoodies.

Okay, so they are pretty great, but I am lying a bit. There are so many best bits of being a SET member for the Careers Network that I couldn’t choose just one – so here’s 5!


Working for the Careers Network for getting on 2 years has kind of got me hating the E word forever more, but there is no denying that this job has given me more experience than all my other jobs put together. I’ve done everything from flyering in the rain to lecture shout outs to a packed out lecture theatre; tweeting pictures of cat memes to organising the SET team Christmas party; running focus groups to showing school kids round our beautiful campus. It’s quite an eclectic mix! But the reality is that in future interview situations I find myself in, my experience in the Careers Network will always be there as evidence for key transferable skills that I just know I’m going to need.


I won’t lie, the pay is pretty fab. Having a part-time job at uni means I don’t feel quite so bad about treating myself to a cheeky Nandos or deciding to buy that pair of heels I so desperately want! Employers also like the part-time job aspect, as it shows time-management skills. That’s another skill ticked off the list…


People at the Careers Network – THEY KNOW. THEY GET IT. They understand that sometimes uni work is getting a bit much, or a lecture shout out at 9am after sports night is going to be a bit of a struggle. Because of this, each week, you choose your hours. That means if its dissertation hand in week – it’s cool if you don’t want to work. Equally, you can always ask for more hours if you’re bored in Reading Week. It’s a win-win!


If you don’t know where the Careers Network is – it’s above Spar in Uni Centre. And in those offices happen to sit some of the nicest people I have ever met. They always smile and say hi and are always happy to have a chat, whether it’s about careers or otherwise! They have made my 2 years at Careers Network the best it could be.


I’ll be honest right now – being a SET member is the best job I’ve had. Because, quite simply – IT IS FUN. I enjoy finding funny Buzzfeed articles on the most awesome jobs in the world to post on Careers Facebook. Although I am 100% certain I looked like a massive wally, I had a ball trying out some yoga one time in the middle of a careers fair. And it has been very rewarding helping other students with their careers, too.

So if you are thinking of getting a part-time job next year – you should DEFO become a SET member!

By Amy Knott


About careersbham

Student Engagement Officer for Careers Network University of Birmingham

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