A career in social housing

Sactuary Housing Association, Castle Street, Worcester

Sactuary Housing Association, Worcester

Charles completed an 8 day work experience placement with Sanctuary Housing at their head office in Worcestershire. He had a varied week spending time in their Community Investment department, Maintenance, Business Information, Recruitment and the Assets team of business planning.

“One of my main achievements was that I was able to build up a detailed picture of the nature of the business and its culture. This will be invaluable knowledge when I come to apply for the graduate trainee scheme. I was able to contribute to speeding up business process because, based on my academic research, I was able to show staff faster ways of researching key data on neighbourhoods”

Charles Goode 3rd Year, Geography & History

Sanctuary Housing Group – Head Office

I was able to apply the knowledge and research skills that I had learnt at university. It was fantastic to see that these skills can be used in the workplace to improve business process and applied to ‘real life’ situations.  I was able to meet and network with three graduates currently on or who had completed the scheme. They were a valuable source of information on the application process.

I was able to talk to, work with and learn from lots of staff in different departments. Spending lots of time with staff meant that I built up a detailed picture of how the business function.  I have actual, hands-on experience of working in the organisation which I have really enjoyed and will greatly help when applying to their graduate scheme.

Employer Feedback:

“During his time with us, Charles was incredibly enthusiastic with a real passion for social housing. He produced some excellent research material, which supplemented our own property appraisals, and demonstrated valuable analytical skills. He added real value to the organisation and would be an asset to any future employer.”

Jenny, Graduate Trainee, Assets Department


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