Team Green: My experience working for Green Impact

Six months ago I was given the opportunity of working for Careers Network to promote events, activities, and initiatives to CN staff to create a green working environment. I joined the team after they had achieved multiple Green Impact Gold Awards – a scheme run by NUS – so my role has mainly included further encouragement to keep the good work going.

With the belief that our daily actions build up to create a combined effect on the planet, I have been working to inspire CN staff to take action now to mitigate environmental damage. I have gained and improved many important skills through this role, and continue to do so.

My tasks have involved producing a monthly ‘green’ e-newsletter which is circulated to staff in Careers Network – including information about events that month, relevant news stories, facts about a different topic each month, and occasional interviews with staff about their green activities. I helped to organise a green coffee morning for staff before Christmas, giving advice on how to keep their Christmas environmentally-friendly, as well as a raffle and a stand from the charity LUCIA. The morning raised £200 for LUCIA and £42 for the local charity Martineau Gardens.

I’ve also become involved in writing for our green blog: I have been adapting news articles into the blog, incorporating the e-newsletters so they are accessible through the blog, and posting about events on campus and in the local area. The blog aims to keep people informed about activities, events, and tips for leading a green life. Most recently, I have helped with the promotion of events in relation to green February and Fairtrade Fortnight.

Furthermore, I helped with the promotion and support of Green Pledge within Careers Network. Staff and students were encouraged to make a small change to their lives for the month of February that would benefit the environment. I promoted the event in the e-newsletter as well as hosting and co-hosting weekly support chats through Canvas and making my own pledge.

I am thoroughly enjoying working for Careers Network; being able to promote something I am passionate about is great. I have learned a lot from my experiences so far and am sure I will continue to do so.

by Holly Duddell


About careersbham

Student Engagement Officer for Careers Network University of Birmingham

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