UoB Entrepreneur and former BBC Apprentice contestant lands major Tesco contract

Tim Stillwell has come a long way since setting up his business on the BSEEN programme at the University of Birmingham. Tim started a successful mexican food business called Burrito’s Kitchen as a student and has gone from strength to strength growing his business and creating a strong brand.

Article taken from theGuardian.com 29th March 2015

Tim was also a contestant on The Apprentice and was dismissed by Baron Sugar as someone who “couldn’t organise a p***-up in a brewery”. But 25-year-old Tim Stillwell may yet have the last laugh after signing a deal with Tesco to develop Mexican food outlets in the supermarket chain’s stores.

Stillwell, who began Burrito Kitchen in a takeaway van at the University of Birmingham before appearing on the BBC television show, is to initially open two outlets in Tesco stores in London. The first, on Villiers Street in the West End, will open Monday, and a second on Cheapside in the City, next month.

The former Apprentice candidate, who began his food business while still a student, was sacked by Sugar in only the second episode of the 2013 series after his team failed to sell as much beer as their rivals. Stillwell admitted at the time he had put himself at a disadvantage by boasting the former Amstrad boss had not seen the best of him.

After being sacked, Stillwell claimed: “I think my business will be my last word.”

While pursuing his entrepreneurial interests Stillwell managed to obtain a first-class degree in international business. As well as setting up his burrito van, which was inspired by a backpacking trip around Mexico, he has also developed a lower-calorie soft drinks brand, Refresca.

This is a fine example to anyone thinking of starting a business that despite setbacks, you can achieve your goals and with a lot of hard work, success will come.


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