Working for Careers Network: Sha’ven Widin Bongasu

sha ven

Sha’ven Widin Bongasu works as part of the Careers Network Student Engagement Team (SET) as an International Student Ambassador

As a result of becoming an International student Ambassador (ISA), I have become more experienced and trained via Careers Network at the University of Birmingham. My role as an ISA is multi-faceted. I act as a peer mentor – welcoming new international students and helping them to adjust and adapt to academic, cultural and social life at the University of Birmingham. I also maintain contact with international students via emails, face to face meetings and through social networking sites. I actively serve as a mediator between international students and staff/employers making communication easier from both ends. I also act a cross-cultural group leader encouraging students to actively participate and network in career related seminars, workshops and meetings. At the end of every workshop, meeting, fair, training or seminar I provide my line manager with feedback from the programme. I also actively attend ISA meetings which are usually held at least once every month. Summarily, as an ISA I am responsible for actively providing and updating international students with all necessary information about Careers Network at the University of Birmingham and referring them to other services on campus when the need arises. As an ISA I have gained and developed a lot of skills including; communication, presentation, networking, teamwork and leadership.


About careersbham

Student Engagement Officer for Careers Network University of Birmingham

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