Capgemini Community Challenge: Emma Butterworth and Shropshire Neo-Natal Unit

A week that will push you to achieve more than you thought was possible for an incredibly worthwhile cause that you didn’t know existed.

Emma Butterworth (2nd Year International Business with Spanish) completed the Capgemimi Community Challenge, for charity client Shropshire Neo-Natal Unit. Capgemini Community Challenge is a one week program delivering consultancy work for charities in the Shropshire area.

Why did you apply for the Capgemini Community Challenge?

Work experience in the global firms for a short amount of time is extremely hard to come by. In my experience, without contacts it is near impossible to have a week or two work experience or shadowing in multinational successful firms. Therefore this was a great opportunity to gain work experience with a firm of high calibre. I thought it would be a perfect productive start to the summer. I also spoke to a friend who had completed the Capgemini community challenge the previous year, thoroughly enjoyed it and hence highly recommended it to me.

What did you most enjoy about the week and why?

I really enjoyed visiting the old neo-natal unit and speaking with the nurses, midwifes as well as Jennifer herself. It allowed us to have a real insight into the challenge that we faced, providing us with determination and passion to make as bigger difference as we could. Additionally, our group got along very well together and I enjoyed the emphasis on team work throughout the week.

What have you gained from the experience?

I learnt an incredible amount from the week, far more than I thought I would. What was so great about the program was the fact that it was practical real-life business experience. It gave us an opportunity to put what we might learn in lectures into practice. What was also very beneficial about the week was the opportunity to work in teams, so we were also learning from each other. Individually I think I gained much more confidence as I progressed through the week from presentation skills to cold calling and negotiating with store managers. Additionally I think I now have more confidence in my own abilities and would be able to more firmly contribute as I have gained self-believe in my own ideas as before I was hesitant that my suggestions may not have been adequate. In this way it was a perfect opportunity to learn more about our personal strengths and weaknesses.

Why would you recommend it to others?

It is such a great scheme that is mutually beneficial to many parties involved; an opportunity to find out more about your personal strengths and weakness and build upon them. Additionally, you meet so many interesting people from fellow students to employees at Capgemini. There are no reasons not to do it!



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