Capgemini Community Challenge: Gordon Parker and Midlands Air Ambulance

A thoroughly enjoyable and challenging week, which has improved my employability.

Gordon Parker (2nd year BSc Economics) completed the Capgemini Community Challenge, for charity client Midlands Air Ambulance. Capgemini Community Challenge is a one week program delivering consultancy work for charities in the Shropshire area.

Why did you apply for the Capgemini Community Challenge?

I applied for the Capgemini Community Challenge because of the opportunity it gave me to work for a highly regarded company whilst contributing to help charity at the same time. It also gave me something strong to add to my CV while allowing me to pursue other things in the summer.

What did you most enjoy about the week and why?

I really enjoyed the presentation to Capgemini and all the groups at the end of the week. This was because it gave us the chance to show how much work we had done throughout the week and it also allowed me to work on my presenting skills which is not my strongest attribute.

What have you gained from the experience?

I believe I have gained a much better perspective on business and how to behave in a team in a business environment. Noticing people’s strengths and weaknesses are important and playing to them is what gains the best results.

Why would you recommend it to others?

I would recommend the challenge to others as it really gives you a chance to meet different people within the university and helps you to understand which roles within a team suit you better than others.


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