Capgemini Community Challenge: Isabel Court and DEBRA

A fantastic, challenging and enjoyable experience, during which I made new friends, learnt a lot about myself and gained skills which I can use in the future.

Isabel Court (2nd year BSc Spatial Planning and Business Management) completed the Capgemini Community Challenge, for charity client DEBRA. Capgemini Community Challenge is a one week program delivering consultancy work for charities in the Shropshire area.

Why did you apply for the Capgemini Community Challenge?

I applied to the Capgemini Community Challenge for a number of reasons. It sounded like a great opportunity to meet new people and to give me some experience which would be of value as regards developing transferable skills. In addition, it sounded like an opportunity to carry out some work which I hoped would be of benefit to others.

What did you most enjoy about the week and why?

I really enjoyed being a part of, and working with, my team, but there were many very enjoyable aspects of the week. These included the brainstorming session in which we developed ideas about how we would raise funds for our charity, meeting with people from the charity itself, and presenting our ideas to them.

What have you gained from the experience?

I consider myself to be a good team player, but I learnt a lot about being part of a team and the different ways in which people like to work. I also learnt a lot from the mentors regarding presentation skills, both in terms of thinking about the content and in giving my part of the team presentation itself.

Why would you recommend it to others?

I would have absolutely no hesitation in recommending the Capgemini Community Challenge to others. It was a great week and if they had half the fun and learned half as much as I did, then it would be time very well spent.


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