Capgemini Community Challenge: Julian Longbottom and Telford and Wrekin Food Bank

What I have learnt in this week, about myself and the things I enjoy has been invaluable. The fact it was delivered in a fun and exciting way is just an added bonus!

Julian Longbottom (2nd year BSc Business Management with Year in Industry) completed the Capgemini Community Challenge, for charity client Telford & Wrekin Food Bank. Capgemini Community Challenge is a one week program delivering consultancy work for charities in the Shropshire area.

Why did you apply for the Capgemini Community Challenge?

I wanted to gain some experience of a consulting service. I knew Capgemini were very large and was interested to experience the culture. I also thought it would be fantastic experience to work on a live project, something that I have not seen offered anywhere else.

What did you most enjoy about the week and why?

I enjoyed the freedom. We were given a lot of responsibility and it was left up to us to decide how we were going to deliver the final outcome of the project. It was very

What have you gained from the experience?

I think I have learnt a lot more about myself when working in a team, what I enjoy and what I find more challenging. I know now that I enjoy what consultants do, and that although I find the idea generation aspect more difficult, I thoroughly enjoy working towards delivering and implementing the ideas.

Why would you recommend it to others?

You will learn a lot more in this week than in any piece of group work that you have done previously. Having the responsibility to deliver something in such a short timeframe is challenging and exciting. It means that it is high pressure but high reward, and I am still in contact with the people from my team now.


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