Capgemini Community Challenge: Patricia Postica and Midlands Air Ambulance

Real, hands-on experience with real-world clients.

Patricia Postica (2nd year BSc Business Management with Year in Industry) completed the Capgemini Community Challenge for charity client Midlands Air Ambulance. Capgemini Community Challenge is a one week program delivering consultancy work for charities in the Shropshire area.

Why did you apply for the Capgemini Community Challenge? I thought the week would provide a good insight into the consulting industry, helping me shape my ideas for a future careers, as well as give me some experience into working in teams and to tight deadlines.

What did you most enjoy about the week and why? I enjoyed working with a real client, tackling real issues and being treated to professional world standards rather than student ones, making the experience much more relevant and memorable as the results of the work were not purely theoretical.

What have you gained from the experience? I have realized the importance of working in teams and how managing people and time is vital to achieving a successful outcome. I have also gained more insight into how I personally contribute within a team and the areas I need to improve on.

Why would you recommend it to others? I would recommend the challenge to other students because it has the potential of making them realize their talent/passion or direct them towards it, and the week is also the perfect mean to network with relevant people, which could also open up many opportunities for their future career.

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