Social work at the Frontline

Molly Walker


Despite knowing she wanted to go into a graduate scheme, as it was nearing the end of her degree Molly didn’t know the details of what she wanted to do after graduation. The thought of an office based scheme was unappealing, but she didn’t know what else was out there.

Molly decided to search Careers Connect, a database of vacancies, graduate jobs, internships and work experience placements provided to University of Birmingham students by Careers Network. Through a quick search Molly found a scheme with Frontline, a 2 year scheme involving five weeks of intensive training and then two years working under a local authority working towards becoming a qualified social worker.

Molly Walker, School of Psychology, Graduate found work with Frontline

Now having decided on a path after graduation, Molly attended the Autumn Careers Fair, hosted by the CN. In this, students are able to mingle with representatives from different employers to learn about the companies and the opportunities they have. The fair provided Molly with a networking opportunity and through this she was put in contact with the Birmingham area coordinator for Frontline, who was able to give Molly helpful advice and tips to improve her application.

Before submitting her application, Molly came to Careers Network to check it. In a short appointment with an advisor, improvements were made to the application and it was accepted by Frontline and Molly was invited to an assessment centre. Upon finding out this news, the advisor who helped Molly suggested she have a mock interview with Careers Network and Molly agreed.

The mock interview consisted of questions prepared by the advisor based on their knowledge of the company. Molly felt this prepared her well for the actual interview, as it gave her chance to test out some of the answers she had previously prepared about the company but also exposed her to some questions she had previously not given much thought to, such as competency based questions. The advisor also gave her some advice on what to expect on the assessment centres and some tips for how to make the best impression in them – such as make sure you mingle with other people and talk to everyone.

Molly was successful in her assessment centre and is due to start her training in July 2015.

“All the services from CN prepared me really well for getting my grad job, and definitely built my confidence up. The advisor I saw was very good, she was friendly but professional and followed up all our meetings! She also suggested other services I could use, and without this I wouldn’t have had the mock interview and wouldn’t have had as much confidence in my actual interview”


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